Saturdays in Saxapahaw


...what is Saturdays in Saxapahaw?



Farmer’s Market: 5 - 8 p.m.

Music: 6 - 8 p.m. 


Sorry No Dogs ~ No Smoking ~ No Vaping

Saturdays in Saxapahaw will run for August only in 2021 with special Covid-19 protocols (see below).


The weekly festivities include performances by local bands and a thriving Farmer’s Market with fresh local produce, eggs, baked goods, flowers, honey, locally produced microbrews, handmade arts and crafts, food trucks, ice cream and more! Festivities take place every Saturday with the market opening at 5pm and music going from 6 to 8pm. Admission is free though donations are appreciated, organizers will have our famous “Swan Buckets” on stage each week and Swan Venmo information posted for the bands! Please give what you can to these wonderful musicians!

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COVID-19 Protocols, Rules, Safety, and Parking Guides

We are so thrilled about the return of Saturdays in Saxapahaw after a year and half!

But we are also aware of the increasing rate of infection in our state and county. After consultation with the Alamance Health Department, we will be instituting the following rules and protocols for all attendees.


It is highly recommended that everyone wear masks in the crowded parts of the market. Though the event is outdoors, it is often crowded and masks in crowds are highly recommended in Alamance County right now.

There will be a partitioned segment of the hill (where the audience sits) designated for mask wearers only. Only those who want to and are willing to wear masks at all times will be allowed in this section. This allows those who want to be at the highest level of safety to feel secure that all those around them will be masked as well.

Social Distancing:

We have polka dotted the hill with yellow circles marking areas for seated audience groups and pods to ensure social distancing. No pod can be larger than 8 people. If your party is larger than 8, please maintain distance and split into groups.

Please respect the space around your neighbors - and requests by others to spread out.

Please maintain social distance whenever possible in lines for vendors and porta potties.

Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizers:

The Use-Yer-Foot hand washing station will be next to the porta potties as always but will have antibacterial soap in it this year. Please wash your hands for the recommended 30 seconds. There will also be hand sanitizer present on all vendor tables and in the porta potties.

Vendors & Food Trucks at the Market:

Vendor numbers have been reduced this year, and spacing between vendors has been increased. There will be two food trucks and an ice cream truck this year. Please observe social distancing practices while in line for food.

Kids’ Area:

We are sad to say this year we cannot have bubbles, hay bales, or the slip-n-slide due to Covid-19. Instead we will have a field of sprinklers for kids to run through, have fun in, and stay cool. We look forward to returning to the regular kids’ area activities in the years ahead.

Venmo Swan!

Though we normally Pass The Swan - a tried and true tradition of Saturdays in Saxapahaw, this year we will be leaving the Swans on the stage. You can donate to the bands by putting your donation in the Swan on either side of the stage or donating digitally via Venmo. We will have large signs on stage with the artists’ individual Venmo account information. PLEASE DONATE WHAT YOU CAN TO THE BANDS!! They have had a rough year, and we deeply want to support the artists who participate in Saturdays in Saxapahaw. 100% of your generous donations go to the bands and that is how they get paid.

Regular Market Rules:

No Smoking

No Dogs or other animals allowed (sorry!)

ADA recognized Service Animals are allowed but only those trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability

No Guns allowed on the property (which is private)

No Soliciting

BE KIND and UNDERSTANDING to others! This is a free, fun, volunteer run community event. We do it because we love it - let’s all take care of each other and be safe - it’s been a tough year for everyone.


2 members of the police department will be helping with traffic and and two EMS members of the Eli Whitney Fire Department will be onsite as well each week.


The main parking meadow of the past is now becoming the new Hawbridge Upper School and is a construction zone. NEXT summer it will be a wonderful place to park, but for now, the main recommended parking spots are as follows (see map)

There are new designated parking areas on Pine and Hilltop near and just past the Water Tower.

There is a large and expanded parking area behind the Saxapahaw Museum.

There is a parking area to the right of Paperhand Puppet and Haw River Canoe/Kayak.

There is a large parking area on Saxapahaw Island (closes at 9pm).

There is a large parking lot at the Saxapahaw United Methodist Church across the bridge.

PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE ROAD or in people’s yards or driveways or blocking residential gates. We love our community and we ask that you respect that people live and work here and need to be able to feel that their homes and property are not affected by people coming in for the event. Cars parked in any of these spaces or over the white line on the road will be towed. We have been warned. Now you have as well.

Rainy Days:

We can not yet use the Haw River Ballroom as a back up for rainy days this year so if it is storming or raining we will have to cancel the event. We will make the call by 4:00 Saturdays and announce on all our social media accounts should we have to cancel the event.

OK, that’s it for the rules. We hope you will come out and have a wonderful experience. We’ve been waiting a long time for this, and we so look forward to seeing you!